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We offer cooling solutions, tailor made to match your own individual needs.

Cooling solutions for catering equipment, commercial property or highly-complex industrial facilities

We cover the full range of refrigeration and climate control engineering.

We at Kälte AG make ensure a pleasant atmosphere

Whether for an apartment, office, wine cellar or server room – we have just the right climate control system for you.

Refrigerator catalogue

Innovative refrigerators for private homes, the commercial sector and industry: We offer the perfect refrigeration solution for you

Are you searching for a chill counter for your shop or making special demands on the laboratory refrigerator in your practice - or would you like to find out more about the various stay-fresh buffets available for your restaurant? Then you've certainly come to the right place here with us.

We supply and install chilling and freezing equipment for bakers, confectioners, butchers, dairies, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. In our case, all the products come from Kältering, the leading Swiss provider of refrigeration systems, chilling systems, refrigerators and climate control systems. All of our refrigerators are characterised by high-quality materials, well-thought-through design and great energy efficiency.

From the Kältering catalogue

Island fridge and freezer cabinets - Kälte AG Basel Stepped chiller shelves - Kälte AG Basel
Fridge/freezer cabinets
Stepped chiller shelves 
Sales counters - Kälte AG Basel Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel
Sales counters
Presentation cases
Island fridge and freezer units - Kälte AG Basel Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel
Island fridge/freezer units

Chiller and freezer cells, incl. interior fittings

Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel
Base chiller and freezer cabinets
Keep-fresh buffets / Chiller basins
Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel
Rapid coolers / Shock frosters
Ice machines
Presentation cases - Kälte AG Basel  
Waste coolers

Equipment for hire + used equipment

We always keep some inexpensive used equipment in good working order in stock. These items are exhibition models, rental pieces or items with minor visible transportation damage.  We provide you with a 6 month guarantee on the whole range.

You can also rent a variety of refrigerators from us.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Our sales department would be pleased to advise you on rental rates and technical details.