Servicing & services

From refrigeration via climate control to energy technology: we offer you the full range of services

Even after installation, you are not alone. Kälte AG are there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced employees carry out maintenance, any repairs and remotely supervise your system, quickly, competently and effectively. We carry out even the smallest of jobs to your complete satisfaction, because SERVICE is a BIG thing for us.

Fault repair

You can contact our service technicians round the clock to repair faults of all types on refrigeration and climate control systems. We can offer you an efficient fault repair service thanks to our professionally-equipped customer service vehicles, which carry the most up-to-date tools.


Regular maintenance ensures that your system works properly, reduces repair costs, extends service life and thus helps retain its value. We offer you a repair and maintenance plan, tailor made for your system and carried out on a regular cycle.

Remote supervision

On request, we can equip your refrigeration and chilling systems with electronic controls. From a simple regulator to continuous monitoring and recording of the required temperatures and technical details round the clock - everything is possible.

Any faults and over-temperatures are reported directly to our remote monitoring centre. There, the notified information is evaluated and a decision is made as to whether the problem can be repaired directly by remote maintenance or whether immediate attention is required from a technician to repair the fault.

Replacement parts

We keep a wide range of replacement parts in stock, regardless of whether they originally came from a Kältering company or elsewhere - and if anything should happen to be out of stock, we will procure it for you in a very short time.

We are happy to send you replacement parts on request, so that you can fit them yourself. Of course, they can also be installed by our service technician.

Please note that any replacement parts must (by law) only be fitted by refrigeration technicians with an official permit to handle refrigerants. They will only be sent to qualified companies or installed at your premises by our service technicians. This particularly affects those replacement parts that are in direct contact with refrigerants.


Every system is a one-off and so are our designs. Our engineers use the most up-to-date tools, and apply state of the art technology in your project. Each system is prepared and designed to suit the specific needs of the customer and in accordance with the applicable general directives and the SQS ISO standards. Our engineering team brings together energy efficiency, cost optimisation and safety in a plant to the ideal level.