Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration technology: individual refrigeration solutions

Kälte AG Basel designs, constructs and maintains high-quality refrigeration systems for the private and commercial sector as well as for industry.

On request, all of our refrigeration systems (and some of our climate control systems) are available with waste heat recovery, remote monitoring and maintenance functions. Most are also built and certified in accordance with the MINERGIE Standard.

Refrigeration systems for the commercial sector

Our repertoire covers all areas of commercial refrigeration. Whether for supermarkets or hypermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, petrol station shops, hotels or restaurants – we deliver refrigeration systems adapted to your requirements.

Refrigeration systems for industry

Refrigeration technology plays a big part in industrial businesses in particular, representing the very heart of the technical infrastructure in many cases. As a result, they are subject to strict demands and requirements. Our aim is to put these into practice.

We supply refrigeration solutions that are specially designed to meet your requirements while also being energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable.

  • Refrigeration systems used for storage / chilling and freezing
  • Refrigeration systems for process engineering procedures / process cooling
  • Refrigeration systems for production / machine cooling
  • Environmental simulations
  • Climate-controlled clean rooms
  • Large-scale heat pumps

Climate control systems

We install climate control systems in commercial premises, offices, server rooms and wine cellars. Your determine the application, we deliver the solution.

  • Split-climate systems with or without inverter
  • Reversible split-climate systems with heat pump
  • VRV-climate systems with or without heat pump function
  • Cold water machines and chillers
  • Fan coils
  • Climate control units in a monoblock
  • Textie hos systems

Chiller and freezer rooms

Specially-insulated cold rooms are required to store chilled and frozen goods. Kälte AG Basel designs and builds customer-specific chiller and freezer cells. We adapt the shape and size to optimise the use of the available space.

  • Cold room insulation with hook and loop closure system
  • Cold room insulation, industrial panels
  • Conventional cold room insulation
  • Shelving and storage systems for chilled rooms
  • Refrigeration systems for chiller and freezer rooms
  • Humidifiers and de-humidifiers
  • Fruit and vegetable rooms with a controlled atmosphere
  • Personal alarm systems for freezer rooms