About us

Kälte AG Basel – your partner in refrigeration, climate control and energy technology

Kälte AG is based in Münchenstein near Basel and supplies customers from the North-West region of Switzerland with refrigeration, climate control and energy technology systems. Operating its own engineering department, the company offers a first-class team of experienced, well-motivated staff who aim to provide our customers with an all-round service in the areas of research and development, installation and service.

Kälte AG Basel owes its good reputation across the regions to the unique combination of services it offers in the area of refrigeration, climate control and energy technology: A finely-tuned, interdisciplinary network brings this refrigeration engineering business together under one roof at Kältering.


  • Commercial refrigeration / Freezing systems
  • CO2 technology
  • Coolant technology
  • VRV climate control systems
  • Heat recovery systems


  • Project planning and execution of refrigeration, climate control and industrial systems
  • Planning and submission
  • Expert assessments
  • Guaranteed availability thanks to our on-call centre available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We offer research, tendering, planning, import, sales, delivery, installation, 24-hour service, education and training. Our client base comprises commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses as well as private individuals.

Our company's history

Our mission statement

  • The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority.
  • We maintain a flat management structure in order to promote our employees' own sense of responsibility. We are committed to using short, simple, rapid decision-making paths.
  • We are a creative business that also implements unusual refrigeration, climate control and energy technology systems.
  • With our high-quality products and services, we aim to achieve a profit that secures both the existence and the ongoing development of the business in the interests of both employees and the investors.
  • We strive to put down solid roots as a medium-sized company in the region.
  • We encourage regional collaboration.
  • We encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and to think and act entrepreneurially.
  • The environment is close to our hearts. We therefore try to make a contribution by carrying out our own development work in the area of new and environmentally sensible system concepts.
  • In both refrigerated systems construction and the environment, we regard ourselves as trailblazers and supporters for the future. Through innovative consultancy, advanced engineering, broad expertise and professional project management, we bring forward-looking technological and infrastructure projects to life.